Our heart is to make known the stories of those who live by faith around the world through the production of visual media.

We believe that every ministry has an important and powerful story that should be told. We aim to combine our love for media and our passion for missions because we believe those stories matter. In a world that is full of bad news, we want to shine a light on the good that God is bringing about through his people. We believe every story is worth telling and worth telling well, because it lets others know how God is working in your ministry. Every story we tell is for the primary reason of bringing glory to God for the work He has done and we believe that the stories of His faithfulness hold the power to share the Gospel with those who view it.

Out of college, Evan and I created a non-profit called Move Media Ministry, to do just this, but we quickly discovered that in order to pull our salary from the organization, we would have to charge too much to really be a blessing to a ministry. So, as God blesses our We Two Photo Video business, we are able to bless ministries and missionaries with our talents and time. 

By booking us for your wedding and lifestyle sessions, you are directly contributing to the storytelling and sharing of God's work worldwide!